About STEVEN REDFEARN commercial photographer

Steven Redfearn is a product and commercial photographer based in Washington D.C. producing photography for Editorial, Advertising, Catalog, e-commerce and Web usage.

Steven’s love of photography began many years ago in an elementary school classroom where he learned to expose, process, and print black and white film.

After studying at the Hallmark Institute of Photography, Steven moved to New York City and gained valuable experience working as a First Assistant to many of the best still life and product photographers in the world.

His time in New York taught him more than just the importance of high standards and technical proficiency. Working with these photographers exposed Steven to the world of art, design, architecture, styles and trends, film, and culture. During his training in New York, he worked on many projects that took him to exotic locations all over the world.

Steven’s approach to product photography is to present the product in a visual way using the tools of lighting, composition, and perspective to accentuate the details, shape, and form that makes the consumer want to own, use, and incorporate the product into their life. Often, the consumer doesn’t have the ability to hold, touch, or feel the product so photography must convey all of these attributes.

Steven regularly attends gallery openings and enjoys visiting art museums for inspiration and to foster creativity. In his free time Steven is an avid fly fisherman and fly tyer. Before transitioning into photography, he spent over a decade as a professional fly fishing guide on many of the finest rivers and streams in Montana and Idaho. He still enjoys his quiet time on the water chasing elusive fish of any species. Recently, a non-disclosed lake in Minnesota has become one on Steven’s favorite places to get away and reacquaint himself with his other passion.